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Surface Mount Transponder Coils - from ECM Electronics

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Electronic RF identification devices in the 125kHz and 400kHz frequencies use inductors as antennae both to receive and transmit in active (battery powered) transponder devices and to power the circuit in passive transponders. ECM Electronics offers a range of transponder coils for use in automotive electronic security and safety systems, where the advanced manufacturing techniques have gained them a world class reputation.

TR1102 Surface Mount Transponder Coil
TR1504 Surface Mount Transponder Coil
SDTR1103 SMT Transponder Coil High Shock and Vibration Capability
3DC1515 3D Surface Transponder Coil
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ECM Electronics' transponder coils have been approved for use in many application including Automotive security, Access control, and RTPMS. And our latest 3D Transponder Coils have been designed for use with Texas 3DAFE Chip and has successfully passed the rigorous testing and approval system.

ECM Electronics is a UL accredited firm


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