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Surface Mount Inductors - from ECM Electronics

Surface Mount Inductors
Surface Mount Inductors
Surface Mount Power Inductors. Alternatives to Sumida and Coilcraft
Spring Coils
Transponder Coils
High Voltage Surface Mount Transformers


ECM Electronics a privately owned company is a major European manufacturer and supplier of surface mount inductors in all popular sizes, including 0402, 0603, 0805,1008, 1210 and 1812.

Our combined manufacturing capacity for surface mount inductors exceeds
100 Million pcs per month. All of our components are manufactured using the latest and most advanced production equipment, bringing cost effective solutions to customers design requirements.

ECM Electronics is a major European Supplier of surface mount inductors our products have been approved for use in many industries, including Automotive, Mobile and Telecommunications. All of our surface mount chip inductors are supplied on reels conforming to published industry standard specifications. Lead times from ECM are guaranteed to embarrass the competition and will allow the customer to achieve a faster "Time to Market"


ECM Electronics is a UL accredited firm


ECM Electronics Limited, Penmaen House, Ashington, West Sussex, RH20 3JR
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